I've worked on the design and typography for the O2 brand at VCCP since 2008, helping to create the iconic brand.

BE MORE DOG - Campaign of the year 2013

Be more dog was Campaign of the Year 2013. The message of the campaign is essentially that life in the 21st century is pretty great. There are things that should amaze us, but people have become too jaded to appreciate what is around them. 

The world is full of amazing technology, but sometimes we can be a little blasé, non-plussed or cynical towards it. A bit ‘cat’ you might say. We’re surrounded by limitless possibilities but often unwilling to dip our toe in the water in the first place or we aren’t quite sure where to start. As O2 looked to expand the brand towards delivering new digital products and services, we realised that our first job was to get people to lean forward – to be open-minded, enthusiastic and excited by the things that technology could offer them.

So VCCP and O2 created a movement, designed to infect the nation with an attitude of positivity and playfulness. A rallying call to try first and ask questions later. To push every button. To meet things with excitably open arms. To throw yourself in head first. To be, just that little bit more, dog.

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'Divide' was a concept presented to O2 for direct and retail. Showing how comms with a lot of elements could be simplified, allowing devices to be presented to consumers in a stylish and premium way. The angled grid allowed multiple layouts to be created and an ownable illustration style. Suggested in the new look was a new brighter, fresher blue gradient, which a short time  later became the inspiration for a new brighter colour palette for O2. This was all presented in a book for the O2 client.

Creatives: Joris Philippart  Jason Scott


O2 Untouchables – The World’s most exciting Rugby team

The Rugby Football Union and O2 have launched O2 Touch, which aims to get more people playing touch rugby.

As part of the promotion, O2 and VCCP created The Untouchables, the world’s most exciting touch rugby team. Featuring a mix of male and female athletes including Tim 'Livewire' Shieff from affiliate organisation, Storm Freerun.

Touch is a non-contact form of Rugby where tackles are replaced by touches. Often played informally, appealing to sports enthusiasts and those looking for an alternative way of keeping fit through a fun game, which needs only a ball and a few jumpers for corner flag.

The brief was to create the logo for The Untouchables. I researched sports logos and teams across the world and decided to create a logo which communicated sport and superhero.