easyJet rebrand

In 2011, VCCP won the pitch to update the easyJet advertising. Through our styling of the posters, more shades of orange, new fonts and the '500 graphic' were created. And a new brand identity was born.

The 500 graphic

easyJet has a vast number of routes across Europe, at the time there were 500. This inspired the graphic below, each line representing one of the 500 routes across Europe.

500 graphic.jpg


For flexibility with layout, we crop into the graphic, allowing variants of background. Since 2011 The 500 graphic was, and still is used on ads, airports and comms throughout the brand.

Brand Orange

The placement of the logo on the original easyJet orange is a requirement of the brand license. We added a darker and a lighter orange to the brand. These new colours were then added to the easyJet palette.


The Work

Posters, based on the new look and feel created at VCCP for easyJet in 2011.

9510 Beach Ad Poster 48s_Brand.jpg
10091 Soaked 48-1.jpg

Generation easyJet

The 'Why not?' campaign below was created in 2016. 

19226 easyJet 6S Bikes Summer's Live-2.jpg

Business by easyJet

In airport graphics

I also illustrated these graphics for the airport information.

I also illustrated these graphics for the airport information.