Michael Wolf - Photographer

Michael Wolf manages to perfectly capture high-density urban Asia and the people working there. You can buy Limited Edition Prints of his work via Artsy.net

From the Artsy website...
Michael Wolf’s photographs document the architecture and vernacular cultures of mega-cities. Wolf’s body of work, while centring almost exclusively on urban hubs in Asia, captures a universal, rather than city-specific, reality. His “Architecture of Density” series documents building exteriors that have repetitive and symmetric windows. In these photographs, the structures appear as abstract designs, their scale skewed and true function masked. More recently, voyeurism has emerged as a central theme of Wolf’s works. His “Hong Kong Inside Out” series, for example, comprises interior photographs of Hong Kong’s oldest housing complex. The photos of the standardized, 100-square-foot apartments reveal human values and the diverse environments that can exist within rigid confines. Wolf, who studied under Otto Steinert and previously worked as a photojournalist, seeks to explore how people adapt to and connect with rapidly changing environments.

Tokyo Compression #106 , 2010

Tokyo Compression #106, 2010

Dan Mather - Screenprints

Strong poster art by Dan Mather. I love his passion for print and the way he creates and then screenprints his designs.

Dan Mather is a London-based screen printer and graphic designer based in London. An independent artist, Dan promises to be a graphic artist who has pushed past the boundary between computer graphic design and hand-made screen printing.

Only an email on his site, but you can read more about him here:

His website:

Source: http://www.peopleofprint.com/solo-artist/d...

Nick Meek - Photographer

I'm using some of Nick's shots in a project I'm working on at the moment. In my opinion the colour and composition of his work is beautiful. Here's some of his work, I recommend looking at his site to see more of his photography.

Christoffer Rudquist - Photographer

Christoffer Rudquist started his career documenting conflict situations.
By and by, he has put to use his naturally keen eye to developing a clean, yet
humane style with a strong sense for detail, a winning formula that has secured
Christoffer's position as core contributor to leading architecture/interior titles such as
Wallpaper and AD France. He also shoots for Wired. 2008, 2009 Grafik magazine relied
on him exclusively to set the tone and create new and exciting still lives. Christoffer has
been handpicked by visionary art directors at Wieden+Kennedy, Winkreative, and
+rehabstudio to work on campaigns in the UK, wider Europe, and in Japan. A strong
interest in the moving image, which he sees as the natural progression of stills, has led to
video work so far exhibited at the Anti-Design Festival/London, Biennale Design/St
Étienne, and IDEO/Shanghai.

Draw Paint Print like the Great Artists by Marion Deuchars

Marion's type is simple and often copied. But you can always recognise her distinctive handwriting. I bought one of her books a while back for my two sons to play with. I just noticed she's brought out a second one in the series (Printed September 2014!). They are great fun and well worth a look at. Full of interesting drawing exercises throughout, there are spreads highlighting great artists too.

Source: http://www.mariondeuchars.com/#/letsmakeso...

Amy Stein - Photographer

Nice shots from Amy Stein. In her own words "I explore our paradoxical relationship with the "wild"
and how our conflicting impulses continue to evolve and alter the behavior of both humans and animals."

In this set Amy took her camera out at Halloween. To take pictures of the kids dressing up as super heroes witches and fairies.
Love the Spiderman shot with the Harlem background, reminds me of a picture I took of my son in a power rangers outfit (in Surrey).

Source: http://www.amystein.com/#/domesticated/